#choice2haveamidwife Interview for Perinatal professionals
Thank you for agreeing to take part in Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl's interview series as part of our #choice2haveamidwife campaign created to raise awareness & plant positive seeds for the importance of having more FREEDOM OF CHOICE in our BIRTH CHOICES because BIRTH IS SO INDIVIDUAL. (*1)

Based on the latest scientific evidence-based birth research and universal human rights in childbirth, birthing families should be able to access care under the continuity midwifery model of care (which sees birth as normal and is a humanised model) and not only have the choice of the medical/industrial model of care.

We want to acknowledge that the continuity midwifery model of care is THE gold standard (if well-staffed) for healthy birthing persons (the vast majority of the population) versus the status quo of only the medical model of care for all expectant families which is evidently the root cause of the concerningly high rate of unnecessary medical interventions in Luxembourg, very often non-consented (*2) and carried out routinely. (*3).

EU day of Safe Birth and Motherhood Sep 2016:
"These interventions have consequences on the mother and the child, like further interventions and eventually if born by C-section, an increased risk for long-term diseases. The result is injury, trauma, fear. Women are told that all that matters is that the baby and mother survive the birth. However there’s much more than that. Research has shown that clinics with the best outcomes are those with the least interventions. The safety, confidence and comfort of the mother are essential for the well-being of the mother and the child. In conclusion, speakers agreed we need a more humanised system that ensures the rights of the mother and the child and make them aware of their inviolable dignity."

Why is it then, that in Luxembourg, the State is not recognising this fact to properly support and grow the midwifery profession as is their responsibility per Universal Human Rights in Childbirth? (*4).

The short answer is:
There is big money in medicalised birth....
and the long answer is:
due to the longstanding (not-spoken-about) #INEQUALITY between the midwifery (predominantly female) & obstetric profession... (*5)

Ultimately the responsibility to fix this lies with the State (top-down) yet it is clear this will be hard to achieve with the strong medical lobbying swaying politics today... We therefore need all members of society and grass-roots organisations to engage on this topic to support the revival of midwifery, from the bottom-up.

Read more about #choice2haveamidwife in a Luxmama Blog article (*6).
Download the presentation slides following Luxmama's Birth Culture Brunch held on 11 May 2019 in collaboration with the Luxembourg association of midwives (Alsf) themed #choice2haveamidwife. (*7)

Thank you for taking the time to answer the below questions honestly which will be reviewed and may be published on the Luxmama Blog. Thank you for being part of the change so we can #healbirthtohealearth. Please note your email address will not be published and you can specify whether you would like to remain anonymous.

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1. www.luxmamaclub.com/choice2haveamidwife
2. Following a survey in 2016, an alarming 34% of women in Luxembourg were not informed about benefits and risks of the interventions proposed during their births. 43% of women felt that there was not enough time for explanations... www.luxmamalu.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/what-mothers-say-about-their-births
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Email address *
1. Please tell us why you were motivated/willing to take part in this survey/interview. *
2. Please share with us your personal experience if you've had any experience with a maternity care system here in Luxembourg or elsewhere (please specify) or personally, professionally or perhaps from family or friends that you know of. *
3. In many parts of the world the value and importance of the midwifery profession is better understood and recognised and integrated in maternity care than is the case in luxembourg. For instance, midwives are able to work autonomously in birth because their training is up to international standards and their role are not legally limited. Why do you think if birth is the same in humans (like mammals) do we have such very different maternity care systems and outcomes over the world. *
4. Why do you think is the role of the midwife not properly supported by the State here in Luxembourg? *
5. What do you think about the quality of maternity care in Luxembourg and how can it be improved upon? *
6. Do you think there is respect and equality between the midwifery and obstetric profession and how would you define it? *
7. Are you aware of any steps taken towards equality (even if they failed) here in Luxembourg? *
8. What is your birth philosophy? Do you see birth as important in the context of the larger society? *
9. Do you think the State is properly recognising the importance of birth? *
10. Art. 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.” The Court has observed that “…the circumstances of giving birth incontestably form part of one’s private life.”Do you believe birthing families have freedom of choice here in Luxembourg and how can it be improved? *
11. Do you feel that the current maternity care system in Luxembourg is optimising the mental & physical health for families and their babies? *
12. Do you think that the rate of medical interventions in pregnancy and birth in Luxembourg is satisfactory? *
13. What do you think about Birth Centers (midwifery-led centers/birthing homes/maison de naissance/geburtshaus)? *
14. In such a prosperous country like Luxembourg, why is is that all our surrounding neighbours have birth centers and we do not have such option for birthing families here? *
15. Anything else you would like to share with us? *
16. Please tell us more about yourself personally & professionally, give us a little biography that we can use at the end of the article and if you’d like, please send a photo of yourself to blog.luxmama@gmail.com. Please also specify if we can use your name or if you would like to be kept anonymous/if you would like to use a pseudonym. *
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