Financial Health Check
This Financial Health Check will help you assess your current financial situation and help you to take corrective measures for your family's secured financial future. A report will be generated based on your response and sent to your email id.
Do you have life insurance coverage of at least 10 times of your annual income? *
Have you planned for your post retirement income to support you and your spouse for at least 25 years after retirement? *
Have you sufficiently planned for your child’s / dependent's education and marriage? *
Do you and your family have sufficient health insurance cover? *
Have you made provisions for repayment of your housing loan and other loans in case of your death or disability? *
Do you have enough savings to manage at least 6 months of your monthly expenses? *
Are you your family's sole earner? *
Have you protected your income? *
Do you take a review of your investments at least once in a year? *
Do you decide the purpose of investment before Investing? *
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