"One Hit Wonders" Charity Volleyball Request Form
What Is This All About? (Please read!)
Simple...we're a group of untrained, untalented radio people who like to play volleyball and help you raise money at the same time. We will come to your school, church or facility and play you in a friendly competition of Volleyball. You promote the event, sell tickets and concessions and make money for your cause! On a normal basis, all games will be played on Monday nights and we will determine the winner using a best of 5 format. You will need to provide the facility, the equipment (volleyball net and volleyballs), water for our competitors and a team of at least 6 people to play against us. The rest is up to you! You're welcome to have 50/50 raffles, concession stands, other giveaways and we guarantee it will be fun! Let us know if you have any other questions using the form below.
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