Municipal Candidate Training Application
                                      "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"
                                                    - King Solomon 990 BC - 931 BC
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Christians That Care is an initiative of Liberty Coalition Canada.
Who We Are
~ Christians That Care (CTC) is a cross-denominational group of Christians that care about the political future of Canada.
~ We are a group of experienced professionals that have both won past elections and worked in previous election campaigns, at all levels of government, from coast to coast.
Our Current Project
~ CTC desires to help train and assist Christians running for the ***Ontario Municipal election on October 24, 2022. 
***UPDATE: August 5th - Liberty Coalition Canada is pleased to announce the expansion of the program to candidates running in the 2022 B.C. and Manitoba municipal elections. 

~ CTC will help unite regional church leaders and churchgoers behind the local, CTC-endorsed candidates.
~ CTC desires to stand with you and support you once you are in office, as needed.
How CTC Will Help You
~ If accepted, you will be invited to a training conference in August where our CTC team will train you on how to campaign and win an election.
~ You will have access to various Zoom training.
~ You will receive personal, one-on-one coaching from:
      1. Sitting and previously elected Christian politicians (Federal, Provincial, Municipal).
      2. Christian political strategists and campaign staffers that are the best in the business.
      3. Christian spiritual leaders that will pray for you, inspire you, and help you through the process.
~ You will receive customized advice on your specific campaign.
~ You will receive guidance on topics such as software, fundraising, volunteer coordination, literature handouts, debate prep, public speaking, social media best strategies, anti-cancel/anti-bullying training, and issues training specific to the office you seek.
~ You will join a cohort and network of fellow Christian candidates for support, edification, encouragement, friendship, etc.
~ For those of you elected, CTC will create a robust support network around you.
Candidate Values
~ CTC wants to work with municipal candidates that share our values.
~ To ensure ideological alignment, these steps need to be completed:
     1. The candidate will fill out this questionnaire.
     2. Our team will process the application.
     3. You will be notified if you've been accepted.
     4.  If accepted, we will onboard you into the program and you will be able to access our training/coaching.
Contact Us
For questions about this application, please email
For questions about volunteering for CTC,  please email: 
For any other questions, feedback or encouragement, please email:
Please prayerfully consider donating to this project at . As you can imagine, as a new initiative donations will directly impact the scale to which we can expand this service.  
Section 1. Info
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number *
Street Address (Number/Name) *
City *
Province *
Postal Code *
Email *
Section 2. Nomination Status
2a. Are you running in this election? *
2b. Have you officially registered yet to run? *
2c. Would you like to talk to a Christian expert about running for office before you decide?
Clear selection
2d. What types of topics or specific questions would you like answered?
2e. What municipality would you be running in? *
2f. What position would you be running for? *
2g. I am not running in the Ontario/BC/Manitoba municipal elections, but I may be running as a Christian in another election. I would like more information from CTC.
2g. Comment on the above.
Section 3. Political Experience
3a. Have you run for office before? *
If you have run for office before, where? When? With what party? What level of government?
3b. Do you have any other political experience? Describe. *
Section 4. Faith Questions
4a. Are you "born again" and do you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? *
4b. Do you desire to use your time, talent, and treasures to advance Christ's kingdom on the earth? Please elaborate. *
4c. What denomination or "type of Christianity" do you most closely identify with? (examples - Protestant Reformed UR/CRC; Roman Catholic; Orthodox Greek/Russian; Protestant Pentecostal/PAOC; Protestant Baptist FEB/CBOQ). *
4d.  Please provide the name of the local church you attend and the name of your pastor as a reference. 
If you don't currently attend a church, please explain why and provide 2 alternate references that can speak to your spiritual development.
Name of the local church you attend? *
Your Pastor's name? *
Your Pastor's phone number? *
If you do not attend church, please explain why:
Two spiritual references (if you don't have a pastor):
Section 5. Are you aligned with the following statements?
5a. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. All authority on earth has been given to Him. Christ is sovereign over all earthly politics. Everyone in government everywhere ought to submit to His reign and obey biblical instruction. I agree with this statement and serve him wholeheartedly. *
5a. Comment on the above.
5b-i. If I was elected, I would always be: Trying to fulfill the Great Commission in my role. *
5b-i. Comment on the above.
5b-ii. If I was elected, I would always be: Bravely standing for what is right no matter the opposition or pressure.
5b-ii. Comment on the above.
5b-iii. If I was elected, I would always be:  Working to "think Christianly" about every issue and employ Godly/Biblical principles in every situation I face.
5b-iii.  Comment on the above
5c-i. I am unequivocally and unapologetically: Pro-life and would vote against abortion if ever faced that! *
5c-i. Comment on the above.
5c-ii. I unequivocally and unapologetically: support the Traditional Family!
5c-ii. Comment on the above?
5c-iii. I unequivocally and unapologetically: support biblical sexuality, as defined by the Nashville Statement 2017! ( - and I would always vote in alignment with those principles. 
5c-iii. Comment on the above?
5d-i. I reject: all forms of cultural Marxism infiltrating our culture. *
5d-i. Comment on the above.
5d-ii. I reject: all forms of "wokeism"
5d-ii. Comment on the above.
5d-iii. I reject: ALL forced government COVID-19 "mandates" and will vote against future similar ones.
5d-iii. Comment on the above.

Section 6. Political Interest
6a. Why are you running (or considering running) for office? *
6b. How did your faith influence your interest in running? *
Select one below that best describes your position: *
How did you hear about CTC?
Thank you,

Christians That Care Staff
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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