Digital Naturalism Residency 2020
Priority Deadline: January 10 / Fecha límite de prioridad: 10 de enero
Rolling Deadline: Throughout 2020 / Todo el 2020
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Organization / Organización
We can accommodate residents as individuals or in groups of two. If you are a family and have members until 18 years old, we won't be able to house you at DINALAB, but you can maybe rent another house or stay at the nearby hotel / Podemos acomodar a los residentes como individuos o en grupos de dos. Si eres una familia y tienes miembros hasta los 18 años, no podremos alojarte en DINALAB, pero quizás puedas alquilar otra casa o quedarte en el hotel cercano
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Where are you coming from? / ¿De dónde es?
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How Do You Describe What You Do? / ¿Cómo describe lo que hace? *
Which months would you be available to do the residency / ¿En qué meses estarías disponible para hacer la residencia? *
How Long Would You Want to Stay? *
We can accommodate residencies 1-2 weeks long. We can MAYBE do 3 weeks depending on the timing / Podemos acomodar residencias de 1-2 semanas de duración. Tal vez podamos hacer 3 semanas dependiendo del momento
Project / Proyecto *
In a maximum of 3 sentences, tell us something you might want to do as a resident at DINALAB / En un máximo de 3 oraciones, cuéntenos algo que quiera hacer como residente en DINALAB
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About You / Acerca de ti *
Briefly describe yourself and why you want to work in our jungle lab. (Maximum 3 sentences) / Describa brevemente y por qué quiere trabajar en nuestro laboratorio de la jungla. (Máximo 3 oraciones) /
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Previous Applicant? Have you applied before?
Fossilized Dinasaur? (Have you been to a previous dinacon?)
How Did You Hear About DINALAB / ¿Como Se Entero de DINALAB?
Do you have any concerns or special needs you would like to share with us?
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Scholarships / Becas
We are happy to be able to provide 3 scholarships to local panamanians, and 1 scholarship to an international resident. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for the scholarship. / Nos complace poder proporcionar 3 becas a panameños locales y 1 beca a un residente internacional. Por favor, háganos saber si desea ser considerado para la beca.
Local Scholarship Applicant / Solicitante de Beca Local
I am a local Panamanian and would like to be considered for one of your scholarship openings / Soy un panameño local y me gustaría ser considerado para una de sus vacantes
International Scholarship Applicant / Solicitante de Beca Internacional
I am NOT a local Panamanian and would like to be considered for one of your international scholarship openings / NO soy un panameño local y me gustaría ser considerado para una de sus becas internacional
Please add me to Digital Naturalism Laboratories' Monthly Mailing List / Por favor agrégueme a la Lista de Correo Mensual de Digital Naturalism Laboratories *
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