2020 HKTOW Conference 香港城市轉化會議
日期: 2020年 (五) (7:00pm-9:30pm)
2020年 (六) (9:15am-12:45pm) (2-5:30pm) (7-9pm)

地點: 聖安德烈堂生命中心,九龍尖沙咀彌敦道138號

提早報名(5月15 )前 優惠價 $250元 /人(原價: $300 /人)
凡購買10 張或以上入場證 每張$200元( 提早5月15 前報名)
牧者或機構優惠價 $150 /人
(報名均以繳費作實 )


請於提交登記表後三天內繳費,費用可存入「豐收佈道團(香港)有限公司」之匯豐銀行戶口 499-370591-001 ,並將入數紙Whatsapp 至 53782893 ,或將支票郵寄至荔枝角永明街一號恒昌工廠大廈15樓 D4 室 ,入數紙或支票背後請註明姓名及聯絡電話,支票抬頭請寫「豐收佈道團(香港)有限公司」。

領取入場證:收到付款後, 我們將以郵寄方式 或 在辦公時間內親臨我們的辦事處領取。

多謝您的支持 !


Date: 2020 (Fri) (7:00pm-9:30pm)
2020 (Sat) (9:15am-12:45pm) (2-5:30pm) (7-9pm)

Venue: St. Andrew's Church Life Center Auditorium, 138 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Shui, Kowloon

Early Bird (before May 15) Special offer $250/each (original price $300/each)
Group registration 10 or more people $200/each (before May 15)
Pastor & Heads of Christian Ministries : $150 /each
(confirmed by payment)

Remarks: show the pass during the conference

Please register from the google form. After registered, please settle the payment within 3 day. Please deposit to Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd at HSBC Account No. 499-370591-001 and then send the bank receipt by Whatsapp no.53782893 or make cheque payable to Harvest Evangelism (H.K.) Ltd and post to Suite 4, 15/F, Hang Cheong Factory Bldg, 1 Wing Ming Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
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請將銀行入數紙提交到我們的 Whatsapp 53782893 / ATM Receipt Submission on our Whatsapp 53782893
收到入數後,我們會將入場票郵寄給您。Received your payment, we will mail the ticket/s to your address once everything is settle.
現在我們也接受Paypal付款/ We now accepts Paypal transactions
(請在Paypal 內註明姓名、電話及2020會議/ please type your name, contact number and "2020 conference" if paying with paypal) https://www.paypal.me/HarvestEvanHK
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