Personalized Song Questionnaire Form (Your Song Daddy)
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Who is the song from (Sender)? *
Who is the song for (Receiver)? *
What is your relationship to the recipient ? (mother, father, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, son/daughter, friend, etc.) *
What is the occasion? *
What would you like us to mention in the Song? *
What song style or genre would you like? *
What mood would you like for the song? *
If there is a specific song or artist style that you love and would want this song to have a similar style, list it here. If not, just write no. *
This section is where the fun begins! The questions below are meant to spark your imagination and provide the material needed for me to write the lyrics of the song. Feel free to share as much as you want. All of it might not make it into the song but better to have more than less! This song is an expression of what the lucky recipient of the song means to you. It's their song but it's also your song because you are providing the ingredients for it to be created!
What would you like the title of the song to be? *
List 5 to 10 adjectives that come to mind when you think of the recipient. (feel free to list as many as you want!) *
What are 3 to 5 things that you want to express the most in this song? *
Describe 1 to 3 memories you have with the recipient that you would like to include. *
Describe the way the recipient makes you feel. How does their presence in your life make you feel? (list adjectives or expand with sentences. The more detail you provide, the more personal the song will be.) *
Is there a funny story or two you would like to add? *
Is there a sentimental story or an event of great meaning you would like to add? *
Are there are fun trips or adventures you would like to include? *
This section is for you to write freely about anything else you want to add that wasn't asked in the questions or if you want to elaborate more on something you already mentioned. If there is anything else you want to include in the song, this is the section to do it in. *
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