2018 Comic Book Page Rates Survey
This survey is for comic book professionals to fill out in order to gain an anonymous idea of what page rates were in the industry for 2018. The results of this survey are kept 100% anonymous and will be used to maintain the web site creatorresource.com as a resource for all.

If there are any questions that you do not feel comfortable answering, please know do not feel pressured to answer them. Everything will remain confidential and anonymous but if you do not want to share, you do not have to.

Which major publisher(s) did you work for in 2018? (select all that apply)
What independent/small press publishers did you work for in 2018? (select all that apply)
Did you do any comics work for traditional book publishers in 2018? (Random House, Scholastic, etc) *
In what capacity did you work for any of the aforementioned publishers? *
For each position that you checked off, can you please write the page rate you were given with the publisher in brackets (ie. Penciler - $95/page (Marvel) ) *
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If you worked for a traditional book publisher and received an advance (as opposed to a page rate), what was your advance, page length, and position (ie. Writer on 200 page OGN - $10,000)?
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If you worked for a publisher like Image, how were you compensated?
If you worked for a publisher like Image and were not provided a flat page rate, please further describe how you were compensated? (ie. What was your profit share? Did your co-creator pay you up front? What, if any, percentage of ownership of the property did you get?)
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What percentage of royalties do you earn on your comics projects?
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What was your total annual income before taxes from working in the comics industry (please state $ amount and job title - ie. $25,000 - Colourist, etc.)
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What is your primary source of income within the comic book industry?
Do you utilize Patreon, PayPal, Ko-Fi, GoFundMe or any other crowdfunding service to supplement your comics income? *
If you use Patreon, PayPal, Ko-Fi, etc., how much of your income as a comics creator comes from there?
Do you have an additional source of income (a day job, other freelance work etc.) to help supplement your comics career? *
Do you have insurance and if so, is that insurance provided through a spouse or family member or was it purchased it independently?
How many years have you worked in the comic book industry? *
Are there any publishers and/or other creatives you would prefer not to work for or alongside? If yes, are you willing to explain why?
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Have there been times when you feel you've faced a challenge because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, a disability or background? If so, can you elaborate?
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Any additional comments that you would like to make?
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