Foster Care Agreement
This agreement made on date specified below in form by and between Foster Caregiver and Tomorrow's Promise (hereinafter called "rescue").

Foster Caregiver acknowledges that he or she is not becoming the owner of any of said animals, but is only willing to provide humane care for any such animal placed in their care. In consideration of the premises and the covenants herein contained, it is agreed between the Rescue and Foster Caregivier as follows:

1. The rescue delivers to Foster Caregiver and the Foster Caregiver hereby accepts from the rescue a certain animal described below and Foster Caregiver agrees to humanely take care of said animal until placement of said animal in a permanent home. Foster Caregiver will immediately and voluntairly deliver said animal to the said home or give the animal to another member of the rescue to deliver said animal to its permanent home and will make no claim of ownership, title, right, or interest in and to said animal
2. Foster Caregiver agrees to let the Rescue inspect Foster Caregiver's premises where the animal is being kept at any given time to ascertain and satisfy itself that the animal is well cared for. Foster Caregiver agrees to keep a collar and identification tag on the animal at all times.
3. Foster Caregiver agrees not to alter in any way the appearance of the animal being fostered without written permission of the Rescue. This includes declawing and cropping of ears or tails.
4. Foster Caregiver agrees to provide adequate food, water, shelter, and kind treatment for said animal at all times. In addition, Foster Caregiver must adhere to all state and local animal laws. Foster Caregiver agrees to follow all additional written instructions from the rescue as well.
5. Foster Caregiver agrees to notify Rescue as to any behavioral or health problems of the animal. The Rescue reserves the right to determine the proper course of action to take upon such notification.
6. Foster Caregiver will notify Rescue in the event any change occurs in the address or telephone number listed below. Foster Caregiver understands and acknowledges that he/she doesn not have any right or authority to keep the foster animal or place foster animal in another home or place with other individuals unless permission is given in writing by the Rescues board.
7. Foster Caregiver is undertaking these obligations with no claim, now or in the future, to any type of compensation or reimbursement for caring for said animal, and the further consideration for undertaking this obligation and caring for said animal is that Foster Caregiver is receiving satisfaction and enjoyment from undertaking this obligation of his or her own free will and because he or she wants to do so and derives satisfaction from doing so.
8. Foster Caregiver agrees that accidental animal bites or other injuries to humans and other animals do occur, and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify, and protect the Rescue, from any claim or suit filed by anyone as a result of such an incident. In addition, the Rescue will not be responsible if animal should damage or destroy property belonging to Foster Caregiver, or shall transfer any disease or internal or external parasites to other animals belonging to Foster Caregiver.
9. If the Foster Caregiver wishes to adopt said animal, Foster Caregiver must go through the Rescue adoption screening process. The Rescue reserves the right to determine final disposition of the animal.
10. This Agreement is the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no oral promises or representations made in addition to this contract and it may only be changed in a writing signed by both the Rescue and Foster Caregiver.
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