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See here for a poster about this project: https://goo.gl/TJC6vx

Starting from April 2019, those who register as a Volunteer Translator as part of the Fukushima Prefecture Volunteer Translator Community will be assigned online translation tasks from organisations within Fukushima Prefecture related to travel & tourism. You can choose which tasks to take on, and have around 7 days to complete the translation task. You can volunteer for this role if you are the equivalent of N3 or above!

Translation Editor Volunteers will check the work of the translations done by the volunteers against the original Japanese and make any necessary edits. Translation Editor Volunteers have around 4 days to make any changes. You can volunteer for this role if you are N2 or N1 level!

The difficulty and the number of translations you'll be assigned will differ depending on the level of your Japanese, the number of hours a month you wish to sign up for, and whether you're translating or doing translation edits. Please note, both roles are unpaid.

Register your interest below and you'll be notified by email when the Volunteer Translator Community Project launches, with information about how to sign up.

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