UCHU-AA Application for 2019-2020 Year
United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited - Accountability Association

Level #1: $70 for *a family* with ALL children Pre-K -5th grade. (not per child)
$13 a month for a 6-month homeschooling cycle for *a families with any children 5th grade or lower.


Level #2: $140 a year *a family* with any children K-5 - 12th grade. (not per child)
$13 a month for a 12 month homeschooling cycle for families with any children K-5 or higher.

***NOTE***UCHU-AA will *NOT* accept *NEW* students to the association that are entering the 12th grade for the 2019-2020 homeschool year.

Your membership includes:
*Legal status to homeschool in South Carolina
*Transcript/Report Card (no additional fee)
*Yearly UCHU Homeschool Virtual Online Summit (no additional fee)
*Monthly Homeschool MasterMind Virtual Meet-Ups (no additional fee)
*Individual Coaching/Consulting session (extra fee)
*Quarter Newsletters

Optional items you can add to membership for additional fees:
*The Homeschool Start Up (video coaching) www.TheHomeschoolUpstart.com
*Kindergarten Graduation package
*High School graduation package
*1 hour of 1-on-1 Homeschool Coaching

Membership expires July 31 of each current year

Questions? Schedule a day/time to chat with Angela Jordan Perry, director, administrator and owner of UCHU-AA. Here is her personal virtual calendar www.calendly.com/uchuthirdoption/15min

My office hours are 864.300.2236 M, W & F 1-5 p.m.

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Welcome to United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited
Properly completing the membership application and the membership process. What you need to know.
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***If you are a new family with a 12th grade HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ***STOP*** you may not apply for membership.
Are you in a truancy situation as of today's date of application completion? *
If your student has been out of public school for 10 days or more you ARE truant **OR** have been homeschooling in SC for more than 30 days and have NOT joined an Accountability Association in the state of SC you are truant. If you are in a situation of truancy please HALT and speak with Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU-AA Director. Schedule a date and time with her using her personal virtual calendar: www.calendly.com/uchuthirdoption/15min
If truant please comment as to why:
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