PsiCorp Verified Creator Application

Verified creator Info/TOS

The verified creator program will allow you to apply for a verified role, which will provide several benefits:

  • Access to .obj devkits for substance painter

  • The ability to request access to early access devkits for upcoming avatars

  • A special discord role with access to dedicated channels

  • The possibility of being featured at release events for early access items you create

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed to ensure that you are an SL creator in good standing, since we want to have some control over who receives access to these particular assets. Once accepted, you will gain access to additional channels on the PsiCorp discord along with a dedicated role, as well as the ability to request .obj devkits for substance painter as well as early access devkits during their availability period.

For substance painter devkits, the following terms apply:

  • You may request kits one by one, though I may sometimes provide several at once, but please be mindful and request only as needed. Requesting a large amount in one go may be suspicious.

  • You will not make these kits accessible to anyone else, under any circumstances, or use any of the provided assets, original or modified, to create new products with. These devkits are solely given for the purpose of facilitating the creation of textures for the appropriate avatar.

  • You will not utilize these kits for any other purpose other than creating mods and addons for the avatar it belongs to, or at most, other PsiCorp products. Utilizing these resources to create unrelated items is not permitted.

  • Reuploading any of the provided assets to Second Life or any other platform is not permitted.

Failure to abide by these terms may result in you permanently losing verified status and depending on severity of the breach may result in a permanent ban from the PsiCorp community and store.

Early access devkits on the other hand are only available a certain timeframe before product releases, and may be requested by any verified creator in order to gain access to the texture and rig devkits well before the general public. The goal is to allow creators to make mods in time for the product's release, making them available from day one. There may be the option for particularly good mods to be featured at the release events, but this may depend on many factors, including the venue etc. Mods may however also be featured on the PsiCorp blog, discord announcements, etc!

However, certain terms apply to these kits as well, in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Requesting an early access kit means entering a commitment to release something in time for the product release. These kits are provided early for precisely this reason. At most, please have something ready within a few days after the release date.

  • Failure to produce anything after claiming a kit, or releasing appropriate mods only a long time after release WILL be counted against you, and should you repeatedly claim kits and not release anything without good reason, you will lose the ability to claim further early access kits.

  • As such, please ONLY request kits if you actually plan on creating something in time for release, if not, the very same devkits will be made publicly available on the day of release anyway.

  • I commit to providing these kits at least two weeks before the official release dates, even if no release dates have been announced yet. Should I for some reason be unable to provide these kits with at least a two week span, releasing late will NOT count against you. Claiming but not releasing anything at all, however, will still count against you.

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