EAA106 PROXY - for OCT 13, 2017 ELECTION
If you cannot attend a meeting and wish to give a proxy for your VOTE fill out this form. This proxy is good for the above meeting date ONLY.

This form is for you to either:
1) VOTE in the Election because you will be absent
OR 2) to nominate and VOTE per your instructions (must be 2nd'd by another member)
OR 3) to name another member to VOTE on your behalf (they must be present, so check with them first).

If you have specific instructions for the person you name to vote your proxy, we'll pass that along to that person.

IF you wind up attending the meeting, let the Vice President (or President) and your proxy holder know that you're there so this proxy can be cancelled.

ALL QUESTIONS ARE **REQUIRED** -- except the last one is not required if you have selected option 1 (to vote the nominated slate).

Be sure to hit SUBMIT at the end ! If you see a RED box around an answer - you missed one - fix & submit again. If successful, you won't see form.

Your answer
REQUIRED: Your E-MAIL address *
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REQUIRED: I want to use this proxy to: (pick one) *
If you selected OPTION 1 above, SKIP this box. This box is required IF you selected either - - - OPTION 2 (provide your nominee's NAME & POSITION - can be one for each position -AND- provide your vote on any position for which you are not making a nomination) - - - OR - - OPTION 3 (provide NAME & E-MAIL and any instructions you wish to be passed to the member to whom you are giving your proxy to vote on your behalf)
Your answer
Be sure to hit SUBMIT below or we will not receive your info.
If you hit submit and the form is still on the screen, you missed a required question -- fix & submit again or we will not receive this. If successful, form will disappear and if you scroll UP, you will see this message: Your PROXY has been recorded
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