Partner Practice Builder
The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about the partners company vision, its strategy against that vision and its success in executing on that strategy. The information gathered here is intended as the precursor to the stakeholder interviews and is intended to:

- Provide an overview of partner
- Expedite the interview process
- Assist in providing a baseline for partners current-state

This information is considered confidential and covered under the NDA. Information gathered here, and throughout the PPB engagement, will not be shared with any person or entity without the prior approval of the partner.

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IGNW Maturity Model
When asked to evaluate the individuals, tools and processes in a Practice, please use the framework below as a reference.  The descriptions provided here are not intended to be complete for all questions but please consider the spirit of the hierarchy as you address each ranking.  For this initial question, we're asking for the macro-perspective on the Practice functional areas.
Ability to Execute *
From a macro perspective, across all practices, please provide your view on how effective each of the functional areas are at executing on their mission. We'll repeat this question for each practice to get a more granular view.
Level 1 - Improvised
Level 2 - Exploritory
Level 3 - Defined
Level 4 - Optimized
Level 5 - Innovating
Sales - Opp Creation to Win
Sales Engineer - PreSales to Scoping
Project Management - Kick-off to Closure
Consulting - On Budget Quality
Managed Services - Recurring Revenue
Customer Adoption Profile Model
Please use this traditional customer profile model in the question below and throughout this survey as it relates to the customers your organization is having the greatest success penetrating.  We understand there is likely customer success which illustrates each, we're looking for the your macro perspective.  Being an adopter of "Innovation" can be problematic OR beneficial as being a "Laggard".
Customer Profile *
Using the previous model, we'd like your macro-perspective on the type of customers your Practice has found the greatest success penetrating.
Early Majority Adopter
Majority Adopter
Late Majority Adopter
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