Communication Request: Ministry Event/Program
Deadline: 6 week lead

- Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished.
- Receive proper approval from ministry leader/pastor.
- Submit Facility Request form if event is at Grace Seal Beach

If your program/event is being held at Grace Seal Beach, please submit a Facility Request form first. Have you done this? *
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Promotional Requests
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Graphic Design
Deadline for all materials to be submitted (artwork, text, photos, and meet with Communications Director to discuss layout) is 4 weeks before design is needed. For internal printing, PDF files will be provided for your ministry area to output; for external printing, please provide ministry account number for printing charges.

PLEASE NOTE: Production on this project cannot begin until you discuss layout with Communications Director, have been approved for budget expenses, and send any applicable artwork, text, photos, etc.

Design Needs
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