Wheelchair Bag Ideas
We're Persona Grata Goods, (personagratagoods.com) a social enterprise in Charlotte, North Carolina. We make purses and travel bags, using cork, reclaimed leather, fabric remnants & donations, with the goal of being as sustainable as possible. One of our missions is for our bags to empower women to flourish in whatever place they're at. And as we've been exploring what this looks like, we've become convinced that women using mobility assistance should have stylish yet practical bags designed with them in mind. But we need help as we embark on this mission.

Please know that all the information you share with us is both confidential and not tied to your name. We're ONLY using this data to make our bags as functional and useful as possible for our customers. If you have any concerns, please reach out at info@personagratagoods.com
Do you use a mobility aid such as cane, walker, or wheelchair to manage a chronic condition? *
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