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AASE Membership Terms and Conditions (Please read carefully) Every intending member is deemed to have read, agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions contained herein. By accepting these terms and conditions, each member consents to the following: 1. AASE membership is exclusively for only active African students in any Estonian higher educational institution. 2. Membership requirement includes a non-refundable annual membership due of ten Euros (10.00 €) only, payable within the first 30 days after payment invoice has been received. Failure to pay the said due as at when due could render membership inactive. 3. A yearly membership card will be issued as a proof of membership 4. AASE reserves the rights to process ALL information supplied at registration in-line with relevant data protection laws. 5. Processing of the information quoted in (4) above may include but is not limited to data verification with relevant authorities. 6. ALL information submitted at registration are deemed correct and complete. The intending member takes ownership and full responsibility for submitted information. 7. Falsification of information shall lead to automatic deregistration. Depending on the impact caused by falsified details supplied, further steps might be taken. 8. In the event of violation of membership terms and conditions and/or the AASE constitution, AASE reserves the right to withdraw membership rights of the offending member and can take further actions as deemed necessary. 9. For voluntary cancellation of membership, a member shall issue at least a two (2) -week written notice to the AASE Executives through the General Secretary. 10.Membership is deemed cancelled if a member does not pay the annual membership renewal due. 11. These terms and conditions of membership are subject to change with due notification.
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