Volunteer Opportunities for Stuy Parents Association 2021-2022 and forward
Please complete this form to let us know how you can help.  You only need to check the boxes of roles that interest you. Some of these roles only require limited one off commitment, others need a little more of your time; there are many opportunities that can be done remotely at your convenience. Email questions to committee chairs (see https://stuy-pa.org/pa-committees/) or ContactPA@stuy-pa.org Don't forget to check www.stuy-pa.org for posted list of open elected positions. Thank you for your interest in helping Stuy!
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General volunteer opportunities (please check if you would like to be contacted when the PA needs parent volunteers for school events or other needs)
Newsletter Management - Are you a web-savvy technophile who’s familiar with and a Mailchimp (or willing to learn) and a  strong writer? If so, please consider joining the newsletter team to help make sure we consistently get useful information out to the parent body in a timely fashion. Ideally you are available to help on a weekly basis with this and be in touch with various members of the Stuy community.
Social Media Management Team - Are you the one the other parents ask for information about what’s going on at school? Do you enjoy helping others and answering questions? If so, you are perfect for the role on a Social Media Management Team, a role that requires you to engage with the community via the PA’s official Facebook & Instagram pages, both by answering questions and posting events in a timely fashion. Ideally you would be available to attend key events so you are in a good position to help other parents connect with the school and with each other. You should also be great at asking questions when you don’t know the answer yourself. Extending PA presence into other Social Media Channels is another possible direction.
Website Programming & Maintenance - Are you a web-savvy technophile who’s familiar with Wordpress? If so, please consider joining the website programming and maintenance team to help make sure the PA website is up to date with the latest and most useful information so that all parents can stay in the know.
Creative Writing & Marketing - Do you write powerfully persuasive prose? Are you great at distilling ideas and information down to the basics and getting others motivated to contribute? If so, please consider using your skills for good by joining the creative writing and marketing team!
Graphic Design - Are you a graphic design professional  willing to help contribute your skills and expertise to the PA? Join us to design artwork for banners, posters, advertisement and more.
Videographer & Promotional Videos Editor to help PA with various video materials
Help managing PA Eventbrite Meeting Registrations (set up, update, customization, fundraising features set up) - Prior experience is a huge plus but we will provide training for the right person with interest, attention to details and and tech aptitude  
Zoom Meetings Manager - Help with set up and running events on Zoom. Require help of someone with good understanding of Zoom core features and interest to be the behind the scene host on various PA events. Experience with Zoom livestream to Youtube is a huge plus but we will train the right person.
Annual Spring Feast Gala Communications Strategy and Execution - Join the team to develop and help execute PA communication strategy on annual Spring Feast Fundraising Event consisting of multiple components and channels
Journal Production (online and printed edition) - In this role you will coordinate production of our annual journal gathering materials, working with various teams, coordinating and designing
Event Photographer - Looking for a photographer (amateur is fine) with a camera or a phone such as the iPhone X or equivalent Android, capable of taking high-quality, high resolution photos suitable for publication on the Stuy PA website, newsletters, brochures, etc. Must be available to attend key events at the school and/or willing to partner with other parents to secure photos of events. Must be able to upload photos to the cloud/Google docs.
Proofreading - Help with proofreading in various aspects of PA business - newsletter, auction content, journal, etc.
Translation - Looking for help with translation - please indicate languages and any additional details in the special skills question at the end of this form
Fundraising Committee General Involvement/Strategy and Execution - Join the team to develop and help execute PA fundraising strategy
Solicit advertisements and sponsors for annual Spring Feast journal and event
Solicit auction donations from companies for the annual online auction
Director of Gratitude - Generate donation tax receipts and thank-you letters and emails for donations throughout the year using our Greater Giving platform.  Tech aptitude and strong attention to details is important in this role.
CRM Data Management within Our Fundraising System - Prior CRM experience is helpful, experience with Greater Giving is a huge plus but not a must
Selling Raffle Tickets and Donation Solicitation at various PA events
Organize Online (and potentially in person) Fundraising Auction - Stuy PA has a long tradition of a series of Auctions and we are looking for an addition to the team
Matching Gifts Coordinator - To help process matching contributions - A great way to help from the comfort of your home
General Data Entry
Event planning Coordination - Prior experience in planning large community fundraising events is a huge plus
Processing Credit Card Payments at PA Events (if those take place in person) using Greater Giving System (training will be provided)
Help with Reconciliations & Data Entry (financial background is strongly preferred)
Coordinate Payment Reimbursement Submissions - help with gathering and organizing receipts and submissions across various stakeholders - this role will use your experience using Google Sheets, strong attention to detail and good follow up skills.
Help with online merchandise sale via Ebay or other platforms: packing, shipping, communication, tracking
Design & Production of Stuy PA Merchandise  ( experience is strongly preferred)
Sell school apparel and merchandise at PA meetings and school events (in person)
Academic Affairs Committee (join the committee to help support education process at Stuy)
Appropriations (review and assess appropriations requests from school departments, teams and clubs)
Grant Writing (experienced grant writers needed)
College Committee (help organize programs for college admissions process)
Health and Safety Committee  - help ensure Stuy student and community health and safety
Hospitality Committee (set up/serve refreshments before monthly PA meetings - if those take place on school premises)
Independent Research  (join the team to help support school research opportunities and honor student researchers).
Mentors for Independent Research - looking for mentors willing to work with Stuy students serving as research advisor providing guidance. Please indicate your area of expertise in the Special Skills section at the very end of this form
Reception Committee (join the team to help organize, serve, and manage at school special PA Reception events provide faculty dinners during parent-teacher conferences)
Program (plan and implement programming for PA meetings and other events)
Special skills - Please let us know if you have special skills or experiences that you're willing to use to support the school and the Stuy PA
Connect with a Group of Stuy Guardians and Ally for Diverse Learners (Guardians of students with IEPs, 504, and etc)
Technology Committee (Help assess, set up, investigate and advocate for technology use by PA & School)
Financial Operations Committee (Help PA review current financial & accounting policies and come up with recommendations; finance, accounting, appropriations, and/or fundraising experience is preferred)
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