Prague Fringe 2020: Volunteer Festival Assistant Application Form
Prague Fringe Festival is seeking a team of energetic, organised and creative volunteers to assist in delivering the 19th Prague Fringe.

Assistants should be in Prague by lunchtime on Wednesday 20th May and will be required to work from Thursday 21st May to Sat 30th May 2020, inclusive.

Key dates in the process:

November - January: Application window open
By the end of January: All applicants notified
By the end of February: Confirmation forms required from all successful applicants (including flight/travel details for internationals, and availability for locals)
Late march/early April: Handbook issued to all team members
by Wednesday 20th May: International assistants arrive in Prague
Thursday 21st May: Compulsory training
Friday 22nd May - Saturday 30th May: 19th Prague Fringe Festival
Sunday 31st May or Monday 1st June: departure.
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We're keen to know about Front of House and Box Office experience, but if you don't have any, please tell us about any other customer service experience you have.
Can you give an example of a time you've had to work and keep calm under pressure? *
We want to know that you can think fast on your feet!
Being part of a Fringe means being part of a big Fringe team - can you give an example of when you've worked successfully in a team? *
This could be in previous jobs, volunteering roles or as part of a team or society.
Prague Fringe involves setting up pop-up box offices in venues across the city - can you tell us about a time you've worked in a different or interesting environment? *
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Because we don't get to meet you in person before choosing our team, these questions help us to get to know you and your wonderful personality a bit better. Feel free to have fun with these ones :-)
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