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2020-04 UPDATE We're holding Virtual (and Global!) Community Repair Events via Zoom and all community volunteer repairers worldwide are heartily invited to participate, either to help fix or to just observe: sign up well in advance at to get the Zoom link via email.
Celebrate repair: learn by helping others disassemble and troubleshoot their stuff: sign up to Fixit Coach in your community.

Being a Fixit Coach is easy: simply provide participants with 1) encouragement to investigate their broken item and 2) guidance with tools. Be a listener more than a repairer; let them talk about how they used the item and how it broke, that often provides valuable hints as to what's wrong. See how much you can do without actually handling the item: empower the item's owner to do the troubleshooting and disassembly. Move among items and consult with others to cross-train and maximize transfer of knowledge for everybody -- including you!

FIRST TIME FIXIT COACHES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME: You learn too: floating from item to item and consulting with other others to cross-train and maximize transfer of knowledge is heartily encouraged. (Fixing families welcome as well)

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