Unicrypt Network X NFT Stars
Filling this form is mandatory to be eligible for a lucky draw of 1 of the 50 partnership NFTs. The form must be submitted before September 30th (00:00 UTC).

These NFTs will enjoy similar opportunities to other NFTs within the SIDUS ecosystem. Users will be able to receive royalties, stake their NFT for additional rewards, utilize the wrapping NFT feature and transform their avatar into a gaming character.
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Below, the exclusive Unicrypt Hero (not related to this form, it's a placeholder to let you know this NFT was sold after auction at a price of 3.5ETH!)
How did you find out about Unicrypt falling out of black hole straight into SIDUS City ? *
To enter SIDUS City, you will need an original NFT Hero (from OpenSea or NFTStars app) and then claim the golden card allowing to unleash your Unicrypt NFT hero from https://nftheroes.app/  *
To enter SIDUS City with a Unicrypt NFT, you need to follow the updates. What socials are you following ?
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What is the most used service (in your opinion) by Unicrypt Network customers ? *
Please name 1 project you consider as competition to SIDUS, and tell us briefly why. *
Please name 1 project you consider as competition to Unicrypt Network, and tell us briefly why. *
Last but not least, we will need your ERC20 address for you to claim the NFT in case you're a winner! *
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