Tuscaloosa's International Friends Family Host Registration Form
More information: https://tuscaloosainternationalfriends.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tuscaloosainternationalfriends/

If you wish to host an international student for this upcoming academic year, please complete this form. The following information will assist us in determining the best “Friendship Family” match for you and our visiting international students. You will be paired with a new student for his/her first academic year (and thereafter, if you wish).

If you are a returning family and have hosted in the past, you may elect to continue your friendship with an existing student; however, the purpose of TIF is to befriend and encourage a new student each year in his/her adjustment and acclimation to the Tuscaloosa community.

Please note that the $25 annual membership helps to provide TIF with funds for mailings, social events, and scholarships through the academic year. Thank you for considering this opportunity and for your participation should you choose to join TIF's friendship network.

**Annual Membership Dues: $25.00. Please make check out to TIF. Please pay membership dues at the first TIF event or send membership dues at your earliest convenience to:

Tuscaloosa's International Friends
P.O. Box 21302
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402

Please note that this form is also available as a downloadable PDF Form - international.ua.edu/files/2016/06/TIF_HOST_FORM.pdf or a downloadable Word Document form - international.ua.edu/files/2016/06/TIF_HOST_FORM.doc

Questions about your TIF host application? Please contact Ann Brooks, annbrooks2002@yahoo.com.
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