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1. What college track (s) are you planning to apply/audition for? (check no more than 2) *
1a. Would you like full GenEds to be a part of your curriculum?
1b. How formal would you like the arts curriculum to be?
2. What is your concentration? (check no more than 2) *
3. Which describes the type of curriculum you would like? (Check all that may apply) *
4. Do you want to double major or minor? *
5. If you want to double major or minor, what would the subject be?
6. How important is it that you double major? *
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7. What's your ideal distance away from home? (check no more than 2 choices) *
8. Where would your dream college be located? (check no more than 2 choices) *
9. What's your ideal weather? *
10. States/Cites/Regions you love *
11. If you listed NYC, LA, or Chicago, have you visited?
12. Areas of the country that you like where you have family
13. States/Cites/Regions you want to avoid *
14. What's your ideal campus population? (check no more than 2 choices) *
15. Would you consider going to a religiously affiliated school?
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16. How important is it that you can study abroad? *
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17. Areas of the world you’d like to study :
18. How important is it that you perform as a Freshman? *
Most BFA and Conservatory programs don't allow you to perform in productions as a Freshman until you finish your first year of training. You will often have opportunities to perform in showcases or scene presentations.
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19. Dream School (s) if you have them/Schools you already love
20. Favorite campus you’ve visited so far
21. What did you like about the campus or school?
22. Campuses that you have visited that you dislike (if there are any)
23. What didn't you like about the campus or school?
24. What are some “extras” you would like to be a part of your college experience?(i.e. sports, sororities/fraternities, specific clubs, etc.)
25. Which best describes your overall high school class schedule? *
26. What best describes your high school? *
27. G.P.A. (if you know it)
28. SAT/ACT Score (if you know it)
29. What makes you the most nervous about the college audition process?
30. Final Thoughts, Questions, or Additional Comments (Anything you're looking for that wasn't covered? Something really important that you MUST HAVE in your college or training experience? Anything you're trying to avoid?)
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