Refugee Partnership application form
This form is to share with the Borderland Team of the IMB your interest in working with the Refugee Camps in N Uganda. Our desire is to partner an American and a Ugandan church with each Refugee settlement. This form will allow us to give you options that fit your church and will help you to get one step closer to the partnership.
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How many times a year do you estimate you could send a team to the Refugee camp?
How many volunteers would you bring on average?
Do you have members in your church who have a level of expertise in one of these areas that they might be willing to use on a mission trip?
What types of trips would you be interested in going on?
What level of monetary investment are you wanting to have in this project?
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Have you worked with the IMB before? When? Where?
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Would you be willing to partner with other like minded churches in this endeavor?
When might you be ready to start this partnership?
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