Student Input on UC Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
This survey was created by students involved with the UC Presidential Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault. We are trying to collect honest student input on sexual assault prevention and response across the UC system. Each question on this survey is optional, the information you submit is anonymous, and key problems expressed in the responses will be summarized and provided to the task force and its five advisory groups (the working groups) for consideration, starting as soon as August 11th. Although the survey is mostly applicable for survivors of sexual assault while in college, we encourage reponses from all UC students. The four sections of this survey align with four of the working group focuses.

We will not share your information or responses verbatim without your explicit consent given in the form response. We want to ensure that student voices are represented throughout this process. Please e-mail with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you!
Lindsay, Meghan, & Savannah
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Which UCs do/did you attend? *
Prevention Education
Did you personally receive any consent or sexual assault prevention education sponsored or facilitated by your university?
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What are your thoughts about sexual assault prevention education by your UC or by student groups?
New Student Orientation, Greek Education, etc. Are they effective? Why or why not?
Survivor Services
Did you receive, or know how to receive, any academic accommodations following the sexual assault?
Example: Extending a project deadline, moving a midterm, taking an “incomplete” in a course, etc.
What was your experience with your counseling center? Please explain.
Example: How frequently did you meet with a counselor? Was it enough? Do you have any recommendations?
Did university employees inform you before speaking with you if they were required to report the assault?
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Did you feel comfortable asking for help from any university employee? Why or why not?
If so, please indicate which of the following category they would fall under: professors, TAs/GSIs, administrative employees, advocates, coaches, residence hall staff, etc.
Were you informed of your Title IX, Clery, and Campus SaVE Act rights?
Universities can issue no contact orders, students have the right to confidentiality, policies and resources should be made readily availble to students, students have the right to decline formal reporting, etc.
What was your experience working with a confidential advocate? Please explain.
Was an advocate available, did they help you assess your options, etc.
Did you choose to report the assault to anyone on campus? Why or why not?
Who did you report it to, would you report again, etc.
Title IX
Approximately how long did the investigation take, from the time of the report to the time of the results?
How often were you updated and in contact with Title IX throughout the reporting process? Were you satisfied with this communication?
Was an appeal made available to you as an option?
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Do you know you can receive academic, mental health, and other accommodations/resources regardless of whether or not you report the sexual assault?
Example: extending a paper deadline, finding new housing, counseling, etc.
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Center for Student Conduct
Did the administrators, faculty, and staff you were in contact with during the reporting process treat you with sensitivity? Please explain.
Example: Title IX Coordinators, UCPD officers, school administrators, survivor advocates, etc.
How long did the code of conduct process take?
Were you satisfied with the sanctions? Why or why not?
Do you feel comfortable going to your campus’ UCPD to report or seek help for a sexual assault? Why or why not?
If you went to UCPD, how would you characterize the experience with them?
Are there students or student groups on your campus working against sexual assault? If so, what do you think of their work?
Do you have any feedback on how to improve this survey?
Is there anything else you'd like to include?
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