14 Forward Community Survey
14 Forward is an economic development initiative of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce with a focus on targeted business recruitment, promoting Fort Hood, expanding Interstate 14 throughout Texas and increasing local bandwidth.

The 14 Forward Foundation is seeking community comment on its Plan of Work and efforts to bring investment into the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood region at the meeting. For more information, contact Brian O’Connor at 254.526.9551 or Brian@KilleenChamber.com.

1. Are you aware of 14 Forward’s efforts to bring faster broadband coverage to the Killeen area? *
2. Are you aware of the Killeen Independent School District completion of an 89-mile fiber ring to connect all school facilities? *
3. Are you aware that the first 12 miles of the proposed 1,600-mile Interstate 14 corridor happened in Killeen? *
4. Are you aware of 14 Forward’s efforts to create a Research Park on the A&M Central Texas campus? *
5. Are you aware of 14 Forward’s efforts to elevate the use of technology, education and training to Fort Hood Soldiers to increase troop levels and future job readiness? *
6. What is your city of residence? *
7. What was your household size in 2018? *
8. What was your monthly household income for 2018? *
9. For you, is downtown an important economic asset for the City of Killeen? *
10. What downtown retailers would you financially support? (Select 3) *
11. What is your age? *
12. What is your race? (Select all that apply) *
13. Through what methods can we better inform you of 14 Forward’s efforts/progress? (Select two) *
14. What do you believe is Killeen’s greatest competitive disadvantage? (Select two) *
15. What do you believe is Killeen’s greatest competitive advantage? (Select two) *
16. From your perspective, how do you see Killeen? *
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