JFSP Research Needs & Questions
The Joint Fire Science Program and the Lake States Fire Science Consortium are interested in the challenges you face as you manage and evaluate the wildlands here. As you identify issues and problems that may require further study or have an idea that may benefit from the design of application tools, please document them here so that we can consider them for Project Proposals each year.
Topic *
Describe the General Topic. What is the intent and scope of the Topic? Over what Geography is this relevant? To What temporal and spatial scale does this apply? Is this a fundameental science or applied science topic? What kind of studies are sought (e.g., observational studies, field experiments, laboratory experiments, modeling studies, syntheses)? Why is this important? Who would use the results from this work? Please submit only one topic per request
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List specific questions that should be addressed (refer to past JFSP RFA's for examples):
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What kind of products are desired or anticipated
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