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With his Yeshivas Erev ID Card, your son can receive specials in over 20 stores across Crown Heights.
If this is your 1st year in Yeshivas Erev, or if you are a returning Talmid but lost your ID card, please use this link to get your Yeshivas Erev ID card.
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Your acceptance to Yeshivas Erev depends on the approval of your school principal.
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Yeshivas Erev opens its doors to each and every talmid without any financial obligation.  Torah is our הייליקע ירושה  and every boy should have the opportunity to  taste the true מתיקות  of תורתנו הקדושה.    

We do however need the support of our community to carry out our mission. Especially now that our shchuna continues to expand and we must open additional locations.  We do need your help. 
If you are able to partner with us it would be deeply appreciated!
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