On Wisconsin! Tour - Voter Registration 2020
Please complete this form and click "SUBMIT" by March 15, 2020 (The Ides of March).
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Everyone wishing to go on tour needs to fill out their own, individual application. If there are people you are hoping to travel with, (fellow performers, sweeties, etc.) please mention that in the "Other Details" section below.
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Kids' Names / Ages
If you think you are bringing a child or children with you, please answer year. In addition to mentioning your kids here, the kids must fill out their own application (or have you fill one out for them).
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If you will not have this phone on tour, please let us know. If you have an alternate number for tour, please also include it here.
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Have you been on previous tours? *
If YES: how many tours have you been on?
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If YES: When was your first tour?
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If YES: When was your most recent tour?
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If NO: How did you hear about Chautauqua?
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If NO (or if you'd like): Please provide references.
Please list some Chautauquans (or, if you don't know any Chautauquans, some general references) who can speak to your character and involvement in the arts and community. Include names and contact information.
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Can you make the entire tour? *
Veneta, OR - Leaving July 13th Return August 9th - Drop off in Seattle, WA or PT
If NO or UNSURE: Please be specific about which part you will be able to attend or which part you are unsure about.
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How sure are you about your ability to participate in the tour at this time? *
On a scale of 1-10, 1 = not very confident, 10 = 100% totally confident.
How would you get TO the tour? *
The bus will depart Port Townsend, WA on Wed. July 8 for the drive to the Oregon Country Faire near Veneta, OR . The NOTC bus, truck, and van/trailer will leave for Wisconsin from the Oregon Country fair on July 13th. After tour, the bus, truck, and van/trailer will depart from Wisconsin on August 3 and arrive at the Stillaguamish Festival of the River and Powwow on August 7th. After the Stillaguamish Festival and closing circle, on August 9th, the bus, truck, and van/trailer will leave for Seattle to drop people off and then head to Port Townsend. We encourage everyone to take the bus if they are able to. We have 30 guaranteed spots for the road trip through the beautiful mountains and plains of the US. Please let us know if this is you and we will be in touch with more details. If you are only planning on coming for part of the tour, you will be responsible for your own transportation when arriving late or leaving early. Chautauqua may be able to help you get from an airport/bus station/other transit hub to join the tour, but it is dependent on the tour schedule and availability of people. You may need to take additional transportation to meet up with the group.
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How will you get home AFTER the tour? *
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What uncertainties remain about your transportation?
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Optional: Please let us know if you are interested in being a driver on the road trip (check all that apply).
Optional: Explain Driver Experience
If you are interested in being one of the truck drivers, please tell about your experience and qualifications driving large vehicles and/or trailers.
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Optional: Personal Vehicle
If you are considering bringing a personal vehicle, please let us know a bit more about why, and if there is room for other passengers or stuff. Know that Chautauqua likely will not be able to reimburse the cost of gas for personal vehicles driving to Wisconsin and back. We have budgeted for four private vehicles to be reimbursed, which must be available consistently for tour activities and passengers - so please note if you would like your personal vehicle to be considered for this role.
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What non-performance related contributions can you make to the tour? *
Please be specific. What would you most like to do and what else can you do? See the "Guide to Chautauqua" and the “Buckstop Bible” included in this email for ideas about what might be valuable contributions. NOTE: If you are interested in helping out in the kitchen, please indicate that on the next questions.
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What would be your dream 'BUCKSTOP' position? *
EVERYONE on tour is expected to help with a wide variety of jobs that are essential to keeping our traveling community healthy and happy. Aside from the general responsibilities every Chautauquan takes on, there are several crucial 'buckstop' roles that require strong commitment and follow through. Each touring Chautauquan is expected to take on at least one buckstop position, and should assist with or co-buckstop at least one to two others. These will be chosen prior to the start of tour, so please let us know what buckstop positions you are INTERESTED in now. Consider your experiences and strengths, either on tour or otherwise, and take the time to read the guide to “Going on Chautauqua” as well as the “Buckstop Bible” to give you an idea of where and how you can contribute.
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Would you like to be a PRIMARY Kitchen Crew member? *
EVERYONE on tour helps out in the kitchen and is expected to complete a minimum of 10 kitchen shifts over the course of the tour. If you wish to be part of the PRIMARY Kitchen Crew, your main role on tour would be in the kitchen and you would lead a meal each day on tour with the assistance of three volunteers. Members of the Primary Kitchen Crew will have the same number of days off as those not in the kitchen; however, they may not be the same days off as the rest of the Chautauqua group. (Members of the Primary Kitchen Crew are exempt from the minimum 10 kitchen shifts.)
If YES or MAYBE, please tell us about your cooking/kitchen experience.
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Would you like to be a SUPPORT member of the Kitchen Crew? *
EVERYONE on tour will be expected to help out in the kitchen. In addition, Members of the Kitchen Crew have a regular commitment to the kitchen, but may have other involvements on tour as well. (Members of the Support Kitchen Crew are exempt from the minimum 10 kitchen shifts.) If this is you, tell us about your cooking/kitchen experience, and what level of involvement you can commit to.
If YES or MAYBE, please tell us about your cooking/kitchen experience.
If this is you, tell us about your cooking/kitchen experience, and what level of involvement you can commit to.
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Would you like to PERFORM an act on tour? *
*Performing can be in the main show, community shows, teaser shows, etc. The Show Committee will work with performers on tour to determine which acts perform in which shows.
If YES or MAYBE: What is your act? How long have you been performing this skill?
If you have not performed on Chautauqua before, or if you have a new piece you want to perform this year, tell us about your act. Please include a link to websites, video or photos of your act if available.
Your answer
If YES or MAYBE: Is your act performed to MUSIC? What is it?
Our STRONG PREFERENCE is for performers to use the house band rather than pre-recorded music. With enough advance notice we can often arrange your music to be played by the stage band (please include a link to the music or send us an MP3 if you can). If you feel that you have to use pre-recorded music please tell us why and let us know if there are other bits you could perform instead that would not use pre-recorded music. Also note that some performance venues will not have the option of using recorded music.
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Would you like to be in the BAND? *
The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra is the Chautauqua marching and stage band, leading the parades and performing at all shows.
If YES or MAYBE: What instrument(s) do you play? Would you like to participate in the marching band, stage band, or both?
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If YES or MAYBE and you are new to Chautauqua:
What is your skill level? Beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional? Do you read music? What kind of groups have you played with?
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Would you like to LEAD (or HELP with) a WORKSHOP on tour? *
Workshops can be on any subject; not restricted to circus skills.
If YES or MAYBE: What workshop(s)?
Please tell us about your workshop idea(s). Has it been presented anywhere before? Would you want or need help? Would you be willing to help with someone else's workshop?
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Would you like to help with PRE-TOUR Planning? *
The current tour planning committee, the “Walking Staff” (as opposed to the on-tour organizational committee known as the “Running Staff”) is already hard at work planning for this year’s tour. But there is still more work to be done. Please let us know if you are interested in learning how this all works, and if you are available to help in our planning process.
If YES or MAYBE: Check any of the items below that interest you.
Is there anything else we should know?
...about your schedule, level of commitment, people you are hoping to travel with, experiences, thoughts, favorite ice cream flavor, wildest dreams...
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