Flex Veteran Strategic Planner
Interested in problem-solving and an array of design challenges; while also pursuing your interests? Are you a Veteran who wants to do more for your country after service and serve the American people?

We are seeking flexible strategic planners to be part of a pick-up team of teams that have the resolve and CAN-DO attitude to get after it and make it happen by working the difficult missions here on the home front. Great design is moving out with a purpose and understanding, visualizing, describing, and directing action that is results-driven and measurable. We use the design process similar to the Army Design Methodology and Military Decision Making Process to create purpose, direction, and motivation to act on complex and ill-structured problems. We seek innovative team players who can inspire a community, walk in their shoes, and serve them with integrity and good hard work. We bring the voice of the people to their issues and creatively and critically innovate solutions and intentional action for the desired end-state conditions.
We are looking for collaborators, integrators, good-idea makers, and those who with tenacity can make the mission happen. You will develop, lead, follow, and use your skills and experience to enhance the process, products, and organizational capacity and capability of our clients and their customers and community.

We are finding projects and design challenges that can range from weeks to months, and you confirm your schedule with us, which gives you the predictability to commit to other engagements you might have. You have the freedom to decide and flexibility to do those things you want to do outside of work.

Relevant Experience
-Honorable Discharge from Military
-10-12 years of military experience, with deployed experience
-Experience as Operations Officer, Executive Officer, Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, Command
-Master's Degree preferred, Bachelor's Degree Required
-Self-Starter, use outstanding judgment, and disciplined initiative to get things done
-Experience with project management
-Ability to lead a design team, make time estimates, stay on budget
-Ability to empathize with others; understand human behaviors, desires, and emotions
-Ability to get things done and work with time-constraints
-Ability to work in a chaotic and ill-structured environment and be able to function and be effective in that environment
-Exceptional communication skills, storytelling ability, rational ability
-Function as a team player
-Creative and unafraid to try new things and speak your mind, but remain professional and disciplined
-Mature, and cares about the whole team
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