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We recently formed the Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG) with the aim of understanding what is going well and how we could improve lab practices so that everyone is welcomed, included and supported in the QAECO and CEBRA labs. We’d like to find out what people think about this place of work and study, and identify issues and concerns that we can address with better policies and programs. 

As a continuation of the initial lab survey we carried out in June 2017 and as we progress our work, we would like to maintain an open channel for your contributions. You are invited to submit any ideas and concerns you may have regarding DIG and/or your participation in the labs. Any response is appreciated and will be considered. These following questions may be helpful:

1) What works well for you in our lab?
2) What are the barriers to your participation and success in our lab?
3) What do you want to see changed to remove the barriers to inclusion, participation and success in our lab?

Your submissions to this suggestion box are anonymous and will be read by members of DIG only. However, you are welcome to include your name and contact details if you would like.

You’re also welcome talk to any DIG member in person or come along to a DIG meeting whenever you’d like.

If you require urgent assistance, Counselling and Psychological Services have provided a list of links and phone numbers to services that may assist you:


Thank you.

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