Christmas Gift Making Sign-Up
Sunday, November 12th
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
@ Saint Patrick School in the Art Room

General cost idea was $10.00 but you may do several gifts chosen below. As you choose your gift, total the amount you will pay for each gift, and bring that amount on November 12th. Please ONLY chose the gifts and number you will be making as I will order what you have chosen and you will need to pay for those items.

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Painted/Mosaic Wooden Cross $6.00 (I will make #)
Nativity Vase/Candle Holder $5.00 (I will make #)
Decorative Glass Bottle/Vase $5.00 (I will make #)
Bracelet $3.00 (I will make #)
Christian Charm Book Mark $2.50 (I will make #)
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