New Decade, New Conference: Iowa ACRL Spring Conference Survey
Please submit your feedback by March 20, 2020.
When is the best time of year to host the spring conference?
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When is the best time of the week to host the conference? Check all that apply.
Should Iowa ACRL and the Iowa Private Academic Libraries continue with a joint conference format?
The ACRL National Conference happens every other year in odd years. On ACRL National Conference years, what should Iowa ACRL do?
If you selected "have a smaller spring conference" for the previous question, which of these formats would you prefer?
Is having a keynote speaker an important reason for you to choose to attend the spring conference?
To help in planning, would you support rotating between four consistent locations, 2 in Eastern Iowa, and 2 in Central Iowa?
Which host venues have you enjoyed the most in the recent history of the conference?
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Should we continue to have a theme for the conference?
In recent conferences, we've set aside time for interest group conversations. Tell us which interest groups have 'interest' to you:
If you would like, please explain in more detail any of your answers to the questions above.
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What other things would you like our committee to consider as we review this input from members of our organizations?
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