Senior Brags & Wills 2018-Nugget Newspaper
This form is for Seniors only. We will be cross-refrencing with the school to make sure all entries are seniors, so please enter your real name. If you would like to include a nick name, put it in quotations.
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Insert full name. Example: John Smith or John "Super Fly" Smith
What do you want to brag about? Example: "Proved multiple teachers wrong on whether something can be done the night before." -Madeline Heiser (2017)
What do you will away? Examples: "I leave Becky Egeline my will to live and my collection of horrible snapchat stickers of our friends." -Katie Carroll (2017)
What are you plans for after college?
Tell us what's next for you! Examples: MSU, U of M, National Guard, Navy, Gap Year, Workforce.
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