Township Co-op Recruitment Form
You can enter co-ops information into this form to recruit members.
Regatta Task List and Co-op List
• The Regatta Task List is available at [ ]
• The full Co-op List is available at: [ ]
• Updated Header format and froze first 3 columns for better viewing.
• Co-op descriptions text wrapping should now be fixed permanently.
Form Updated on January 12
• Added 'Co-op Platform' to find players for specific platforms.
• Increased the 'Co-op Description' from 200 > 300 character limit.
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Players can search this name to find your co-op.
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Co-op Tag *
Tags are also used to find co-ops easier. Example: #N2FG7K
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Members currently in your co-op? *
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Language spoken in your co-op? *
Example: English
Level requirement for your co-op? *
Example: 50+
League your co-op is racing in? *
Golden League+: Goal is 1st and higher Leaderboard Rank. Casual: Regatta is not a main focus. Golden League: Goal is Top 3 and not focused on Leaderboard.
Co-op Type *
Example: By Request
Co-op Platform *
Point Range for members Tasks. (Optional)
Examples: 125-135 / 135 only / 125+
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Minimum Points required for racing. (Optional)
Examples: 1500-2000 / 2160
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Describe your Co-op / Rules (Optional)
You can use this section to describe and promote your co-op. (300 character limit)
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New *
Yes, it's a new Ad. / No, it's been about a week and our co-op would like to post another Ad.
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