Cure Hypertension Initial Survey
Dr. David Donohue of Progressive Health of Delaware will run a telehealth webinar for people with high blood pressure on Monday July 30 at 6:30pm to 8pm.

Please complete this survey before the talk to help us know a little about your current lifestyle habits and blood pressure status.
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What YEAR did you first develop high blood pressure?
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Which BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINES do you take regularly?
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Which OTHER medicines do you take regularly?
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Which vitamins or SUPPLEMENTS do you take regularly?
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What is your average systolic blood pressure (TOP number)?
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How many HOURS of SLEEP do you get per 24 hours, on average?
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How many days a week do you engage in moderate to strenuous exercise (like a brisk walk)?
On the days that you exercise, how many minutes do you do moderate to strenuous exercise?
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How motivated are you to make changes in your daily habits?
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How much do you...?
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25% - Sometimes
50% - Half the time
75% - Most of the time
100% - almost always
Measure my blood pressure at home
Take my blood pressure medicines like I am supposed to
Take at least 1 of my blood pressure medicines at bedtime
Eat a whole foods, plant based diet
Practice meditation or mindfulness
Use RESPeRATE blood pressure device
To pay for this session, Progressive Health of Delaware plans to bill your health insurance for a telehealth session. In the case of Medicare patients, we will bill Medicare for Chronic Care Management. In any case, we do not plan to collect copay or deductible payment from you. Is this acceptable to you? *
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