HLS47 UoL Student Survey
The University of Liverpool has announced that it is threatening 47 lecturers within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences with redundancy. Some of the affected lecturers who we know of are valued teachers in the Life Sciences. As the Student Representative for the School of Life Sciences, I am gathering opinion among the student body about this potential loss of valued teachers. I am planning to present the results of this survey to the University leadership and ask them to stop these redundancies.

If you wish to find out more about the situation, please visit: https://www.hls47.co.uk/ - where you can also find and sign the open letter of support- or feel free to contact my university email: r.court@student.liverpool.ac.uk .

!!! If you're not a student within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, please feel free to leave some questions out (as the redundancies may not directly affect you).

Your response in this survey will be completely anonymous and your participation is gratefully received.

To what extent do you agree with the following statements:
Selecting lecturers on Research and Teaching contracts for redundancy without considering the quality and quantity of their contributions to teaching is wrong
Clear selection
Evaluating staff research performance while disregarding their teaching performance is detrimental to the student academic experience
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I am very concerned about the quality of the academic student experience in the coming academic year and beyond, should these redundancies go ahead.
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How likely are you to recommend to others a University that values its lecturers solely by their research performance? i.e., without accounting for their contributions to teaching.
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Any further comments regarding the situation that you would not mind being anonymously quoted to the School/ Faculty/ University leadership'?
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