Calling Congregations for Sacred Resistance to Raids and Deportations
If there was ever a time to stand up in support of immigrants, it is now. As the administration plans to do massive raids that will tear thousands of families apart we're calling on congregations to join in Sacred Resistance through opening up houses of worship as safe spaces for organizing and rapid response before, during or after enforcement actions.


Immigrants’ rights organizers and impacted leaders have requested an easily accessible way to know which houses of worship are willing to open their doors to make safe spaces. When a house of worship signs up to be part of this Sacred Resistance they are agreeing to open their doors in times of rapid response events in the case of raids or deportations. If you can not open your house of worship to serve as a safe space please do not sign up for this. If your congregation is not prepared to be on the public sanctuary list, you can add your name to a non-public list to be provided on a one to one basis to immigrants' rights organizers doing deportation defense work.

This would be a temporary commitment, not to be confused with providing long term Sanctuary for individuals that are fighting their deportation order.

Together we can do the following:

Continue to build a network of houses of worship that are willing to resist the raids through creating safe spaces to accompany partner organizations in deportation defense
Accompany undocumented community members through public facing safe spaces that can provide shelter, food, clothing, legal service and assistance in family reunification when possible
Complement local organizing efforts around rapid response that also encompass concrete ways to engage the faith community
Make a profound prophetic faith statement and public to resist raids and deportations

Will you join thousands across the country in joining the #SacredResistance Network?


Sign here to take the pledge to join the Sacred Resistance and/or to sign up as a Sanctuary Congregation.

If you are already a Sanctuary congregation, but have not signed up to join the public list to resist raids, please do so today. If a public facing map doesn’t make sense in your region, you can opt to be part of private list for raid response. If you have questions or concerns please see FAQ and then consider reaching out for any additional discussions.

You don't have to be a Sanctuary Congregation to be part of the Sacred Resistance effort to respond to raids, but the two efforts are intertwined.

A Sanctuary Congregation is one that chooses to take prophetic stance and protect people through various actions that range from housing immigrants in immediate danger of deportation to providing legal assistance, accompaniment to court, organizing alongside us, and much more.

More resources can be found at

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