Participation form (required to receive learning kit materials)
Families, please complete the following information on this form after completing your chosen activities from the Gallery of Activities on the Kids Fest website. This information will only be used to collect data for grant reports (no names will be used) and to contact you with any issues regarding kit pick-up. Please note that you must complete this form in its entirety to be eligible to receive kit materials.
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If you have multiple children ages 5 and under, please list each of your children's ages in "other" below.
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If you answered yes above, please tell us where (this is to make sure we let centers and districts know how many of their families participated).
In which school district does your family currently reside? *
Out of the activities provided on the Kids Fest website, please list at least 5 of the activities that you chose and tell us how you feel each activity will help your child prepare for kindergarten. (Please list at least 5 activities to be eligible to receive learning kit items.) *
Kit pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th from 10am-12pm. You will be able to choose one kit from a variety of kits for your child's age range (one kit per child). Two locations will be set up for kit pick up: in the tunnel at Second Street School (506 W Second Street) and Collins Lane Elementary School (1 Cougar Lane). Please select the location where you will pick up your child's kit. *
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