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Jeremiah Hickenbottom 515-473-1959
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Either Phone Number or Email is required, please put prefered initial contact method once application is completed and best time to call or text you as not to disrupt your schedule.
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Do you currently own any other pets?   *
If no do you have any experience with a puppy? *
Do you prefer male or female? *
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Do you have a tail preference? THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR PUPPY'S NOT BORN. *
How soon are you looking to get a puppy? *
What made you decide on getting an Australian Shepherd? (This breed requires a lot of exercise and attention) *
Do you currently rent or own your home? Is there a backyard? If not do you have a plan for potty training and daily exercise?  A puppy up to 6 months old can not be left in crate longer than 4 hours. *
If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?
Are you comfortable with a breed that sheds moderately?
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Does anyone in your household have allergies to pet hair? (This breed isn't hypoallergenic)
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Is everyone in your household comfortable with a puppy that could nip, jump, and chew during its training stages?  If yes, what is your plan? If not we are happy to help with ideas on toys and such to help with the year long teething.
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Are you willing to have your Australian Shepherd Spayed/Neutered? WE DO NOT SELL TO BREEDERS?
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Do you have a vet? If not do you have a plan for finding a vet for your puppy? *
If you find that this puppy is not a good fit for you, are you willing to contact Aussie&CO to let us rehome the puppy for you? *
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