LIME Foundation NextGen Trades Academy Application
The only pre-requisites for the NextGen Trades Academy are that you: Are between 16-24 years of age; live in Sonoma or Marin Counties; are on track to graduate from high school or already possess a diploma/GED.

Required application information includes Sections 1-5 and Section 10. Only required application information in Sections 1-5 and Section 10 will be used to determine eligibility for the NextGen Trades Academy class; all demographic and other information is collected for grant reporting purposes.
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Section 1
Contact Information
Date of birth
Street Address
State, ZIP
Mailing Address (if different from street address)
State, ZIP
Primary Phone
Email address
County of Residence
Emergency Contact (name/relationship)
Emergency contact phone
Emergency contact address (write "same as above" if needed)
Emergency contact city
Emergency contact state, ZIP
High school graduate (or GED)
Clear selection
Why do you want to join the NextGen Trades Academy? Which trades are you interested in learning about?
Do you have a valid ID, such as California Identification Card, Driver's License, or valid U.S. Passport? *
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