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Hadoop Express
200 Lanidex Plaza
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(973) 434-7080

Fill this form for up-to two kids from one family. For additional kids, you may please fill additional form(s). You do not have to pay at this moment. You may pay at our facility or bring a check or money order in favor of Hadoop Express. Walk-ins are not permitted.
You do not have to wait for a confirmation. After filling the form, you are automatically confirmed. If we are unable to accommodate you on the date you specify, we will contact you by email or phone. Please make sure is added to your email contacts. Otherwise our information has a likelihood of going to your junk or spam email folder. Gmail and Yahoo mail are not very accurate in filter out spam emails.
You may contact us anytime using the contact information mentioned above.

Trial classes are scheduled for our Wizard-1 program for kids 5 years to 9 years old and for Wizard-2 for kids 10+ years old. For details on these programs, please visit

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Hadoop Express does not guarantee or warranty that the offered training will meet your requirements and/or class methods will be error free. Hadoop Express should not be considered to conform to any standard or qualification approved by any government or private agency. Student parents or guardians may not use or transmit Hadoop Express material , methodologies or content for any new or existing business venture for a period of 5 years after enrolling and 3 years after completion or withdrawal from Hadoop Express courses.
I am enrolling my above mentioned child (ren ) at Hadoop Express for a trial class/ workshop and acknowledge that I have received and reviewed terms and conditions . In addition, I have read and agree to the following :
1. Hadoop Express shall not be responsible in case of sickness or injury of the enrolled child(ren) while in attendance at the facility or in transit to or from the facility.
2. I also agree to abide by all terms, policies & procedures of Hadoop Express that are communicated to me in this form or by any other means.
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