2018 Gulf Coast Raks Competition - Contestant Registration
Please provide the following information for your competition registration.

A minimum of 5 contestants for each category must be registered in order for that category to be included in the competition. Should the category for which you register not receive enough registrants, your competition fee can be applied toward classes or show tickets.

Registration is non-transferable.

Registration Category
Are you registering as a soloist, duo/trio, or group?
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Registration of at least two classes is required for all contestants.
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I acknowledge that I hereby release Gulf Coast Raks Dance Festival, Simon Sarkis, and all associates to use any/or all photos or videotapes taken during said event for promotional, educational and professional purposes. I hereby release any and all rights, compensation, royalties, and recourse for said photos and videotapes . Performers assume all responsibility and liability for themselves and personal property. Performers agree to abide by all the rules and requirements for performing or competing and understand that failure to do so may result in removal from show/competition lineup. I release Gulf Coast Raks Dance Festival, Simon Sarkis, and anyone working with or connected to the Festival including the event facilities and their staff from any claims of damage, loss, theft, or injuries incurred while participating in said event.
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