#BeyondCOVID Founders Building the Future Nomination
It's time to build the post-COVID future.

The needs of both consumers and businesses are changing, and entrepreneurs are in a unique position to build the solutions that define the future.

If you know an early-stage entrepreneur who is working on a solution to build the future #BeyondCOVID, please nominate them to win a Founder Institute fellowship by providing their information below. By the week of July 6, 2020 the Founder Institute (https://FI.co) will be awarding 10 fellowships to their 14 week pre-seed startup accelerator to the top nominated founders from around the world. These fellowships will provide 10 promising founders working on pressing solutions the opportunity to take our pre-seed virtual program for free.

We are looking for founders who are building the future (examples include: future of work solutions, new types of personal protection equipment (PPE), ideas for making public spaces safer, online education solutions, and ways to make inclusion a greater part of our future.) We will also accept nominations for founders working on solutions aligned with the UNSDGs (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/).


1) Can I nominate myself?

Sure! We don't mind if you nominate yourself, but we are interested in hearing from other people if they believe your idea or solution will help build the future. The nomination can even be from a customer!

2) Can the same founder be nominated multiple times?

Yes. While the number of nominations is certainly a factor in determining the winner, it is not the only metric for evaluation.

3) How will you determine the top 10 founders?

We will consider a variety of factors including, but not limited to: validity of the idea, impact on building a post-COVID-19 future, impact on the betterment of the world, the recommendation made by the person who nominated the founder, social proof and traction, acceptance to the Founder Institute program, and the number of nominations. The Founder Institute holds sole discretion in selecting the winners for these nominations.

4) Are the nominations open to any specific countries or regions?

The Founder Institute operates in 180+ cities and 65+ countries so we have worked with 4,000+ founders from around the world. With the launch of our newest virtual programs, we are able to provide the support, feedback and guidance to any early-stage founder from any region of the world.
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