Biological Pigment Bias: Perspectives On Colourism
Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a darker skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

Stigma against dark skin or colourism has a complex history in our society. It is very easy to film a person of colour and post it on Facebook which appears to show the absurdity of what may at first seem like a blatant act of self–loathing.

But where did this way of thinking originate and why is it so prevalent among communities of colour today?

This ToR will explore this and more!

We welcome contributions to this ToR through submissions. All submissions will be reviewed and further discussions may be required. We would like our intersectional global communities to be present in this document, thus we welcome all voices, positions and practices. This may take the form of both or either a written or visual format, and includes from think pieces to illustration and everything in between.

Topics for this ToR may include, but are not limited to:

Colourism and its effects on gender
Colonialism involvement in colourism
The historical context of colourism
Colourism in today’s society
Colourism in Media and imagery
Colourism Vs. Racism
Minority groups perpetuating colorism
Solutions to colourism

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