TaiSHE台灣健康經濟學會2019年春季工作坊Taiwan Society of Health Economics�2019 Spring Workshop
Date:May, 18, 2019 (Sat.) 09:30-11:45
活動地點:台大公衛學院215教室 (台北市徐州路17號)
Revenue:Room 215, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University  (17 Xuzhou Road, Taipei)


本次春季工作坊邀請到學者Robert Kaplan (Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Health Policy and Management in the School of Public Health, UCLA)來演講。Robert Kaplan過去曾擔任美國NIH的Associate Director以及AHRQ的Chief Science Officer,本次將以「The USA Healthcare System: Where Do We Go From Here?」為題與我們分享,內容精彩可期,歡迎共襄盛舉!

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