McLean County Fair Royalty Competition 2019
Complete online or submit in office by June 28, noon.
McLean County Fair, 2242 Westgate, Bloomington, IL 61705.

Scholarship: Queen and King - $500
Court Member Premium - $50

See 2019 Fair Book for Basic Requirements

• Must have parent or guardian consent.
• Must agree to abide by the Rules and Expectations Policy for Royalty Court at McLean County Fair
• Must be available on July 10, and during the week at the Fair (except when showing projects). Should attend dinner with judges on July 24; this is not required but very advantageous to attend.
• Return completed applications to McLean County Fair Office or submit via Google form by June 28, noon.
• Complete two essays, due by June 28 at noon, available below.
• Provide two letters of reference, due by June 28. References should be emailed to or mailed to 2242 Westgate, Bloomington, IL 61705. Receipt will be confirmed to applicants, but it is applicants' responsibility to follow up with those sending references until they are received.

Contestants will be judged on the following areas:
- Application and references 5 points (due June 28)
- Two essays will be judged with names redacted, 40 points (due June 28, noon)
- Personal Interviews, 30 points (July 10)
- Court Dinner Interviews (July 24)
- Public Royalty Competition including short, prepared and extemporaneous speeches,
75 points (July 31)

Once complete, an email will be sent to you confirming your submitted information. If you have additional questions, please call Kelly Graeber at 309.530.5522 or email

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Royalty Application
Complete this online form and submit. Printed copies available at McLean County Fair, 2242 Westgate, Bloomington, IL 61705.
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Essay 2, Answer this question OR Essay 3 (200-500 words) What is a significant experience you have had that built you as a person?
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Essay 3, Answer this question OR Essay 2 (200-500 words) Write about someone you highly admire and tell why.
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