Advertisement Application
This form is for requesting the ability to place an advertisement in the SeaDog Tribune. You can place an Advertisement for either SeaDog Nights and Gypsy Carnival, Tortuga Pirate Festival or Toast of Tortuga, or all.

Please note the pricing list below and fill in all information possible. All advertisements subject to approval, SeaDog Tribune staff will reach out to you as soon as possible. You may place an advertisement that is comprised of an Image or Text, or both. Text Only Advertisements should have their text included below. Image Advertisements should send their image in either PDF or EPS format to If you want an Image style advertisement, but don't know or are unable to make one yourself, please fill in the text where needed and staff will contact you. Staff built advertisements are an additional charge of $10.

Upon acceptance of an advertisement request, we will contact you with payment options. Thank you for your patience.

Pricing Structure for Advertising in the SeaDog Tribune
Pages are 4 Columns per page / 1 Column = Approx 2.5"
1 Column wide x 1" Deep: $5
1 Column wide x 2" Deep: $10

2 Column wide x 1" Deep: $10
2 Column wide x 2" Deep: $20

3 Column wide x 1" Deep: $15
3 Column wide x 2" Deep: $30

4 Column wide x 1" Deep: $20
4 Column wide x 2" Deep: $40

Image Advertisement vs Text Only Advertisement
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