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Recent discussions about diversity and ethics in publications in philosophy have prompted the question of what a code of publication ethics would look like for the discipline. Paths to establishing whether research is unreliable or unethical are clearer in the sciences and social sciences, where the practice of retraction or correction is not uncommon. What such unreliability or unethical research means in the humanities requires further elaboration. To pursue the question of publication ethics in line with the wide variety of efforts of the American Philosophical Association to achieve greater diversity and inclusion in our profession, a project team engaged in diversity and scholarly communication issues has come together to convene focus groups and other opportunities for conversation for those interested in these questions. Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we will at the end of the process be creating a set of recommendations for a code of publication ethics that might be readily adopted or adapted by publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers.

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Core team:
Kris Sealey, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Fairfield University, lead PI
Yannik Thiem, Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Studies Program in Philosophy at Villanova University, co-PI
Adriel M. Trott, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Wabash College, co-PI
Kyle Powys Whyte, Timnick Chair in the Humanities at Michigan State University and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Community Sustainability, co-PI
Amy Ferrer, Executive Director of the American Philosophical Association, co-PI
Rebecca Kennison, Executive Director and Principal of the non-profit K|N Consultants Ltd., co-PI

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