MSBC 2018-2019 Participant Survey
Thank you for taking the time to help the MSBC plan our activities to better serve your needs.
We want to hear your current priorities and so we can work toward meeting the needs of you and your clients, friends and family members. These priorities will inform our development of goals and strategies.

Considering the broad mission of the MSBC, there are a number of overlapping areas of work we could focus on during the next year.

What areas of work do you think are important for the MSBC to prioritize at the current time?
Not Important
Slightly Important
Very Important
Extremely Important
Continuity of Care/Community Support
Maternity Care Practices/ In-hospital Support
Workplace Support
What methods of engagement do you think would make the most impact on outcomes relating to breastfeeding/human milk for human infants in Maine?
Not impactful
Slightly Impactful
Very Impactful
Extremely Impactful
State and National Advocacy (For example: paid family leave, home visiting & worksite policies)
Community member & Provider Education (For example: preconception education, standardize prenatal education tools & education in motivational interviewing)
Networking & Community Building (For example: build membership through events & build connections with other breastfeeding-related initiatives)
What other areas of work and methods of engagement do you think should be priorities for the MSBC?
Your answer
Deeper Dialogue Conversation Topics
Currently, the MSBC hosts two-hour-long bimonthly meeting the first Thursday of the even-numbered months to gather and share information and breastfeeding efforts in our state. In the lunch hour prior to the Coalition Meetings, the MSBC hosts a Deeper Dialogue Discussion as an opportunity to discuss thoughts, ideas, and evidence on particular topics.
Which of the following Deeper Dialogue topics would you be interested in?
Not Interested
Very Interested
Breastfeeding after Sexual Abuse
Breastfeeding in the Face of Adversity
Breastfeeding Support Networks
Breastfeeding Around the World
Breastfeeding and Substance Use
Breastfeeding-Friendly Policy and the Legislative Process
Building Consensus with Practitioners on Practice Change
Centering Pregnancy
Cesarean Births and Breastfeeding
Milk Donation
Milk Sharing
Motivational Interviewing / Harm Reduction Strategies
Pumping at Work
Supporting Infant Feeding Skills with Whole Body therapies (OMT, CTS. PT)
Tongue Tie
Please share additional topic ideas for the Deeper Dialogue Discussion.
Your answer
Meeting Days and Times
Meetings are held in Lewiston, Augusta, Brunswick and Portland on a rotating schedule. Meetings can be attended in person or by calling in to a conference number and connecting through Adobe Connect.

We want to know if our Coalition Meetings and Deeper Dialogues are accessible to you.

Is the day and time of the Deeper Dialogue Discussions and Full Coalition Meetings good for you?
Good time for me
Not good time for me
Neither good nor bad time for me
First Thursday of even months 12-3pm
If not, what times and days would work better for you? (you may select multiple times and days)
9 - 11 am
11 - 1 pm
1 - 3 pm
3 - 5 pm
5 - 7 pm
6 - 8 pm
Which regions of the state would be most convenient for you to attend meetings in person? (you may select multiple)
Satisfaction and Feedback
The MSBC works to fill the gaps of education and support within the community by hosting bimonthly meetings to connect stakeholders and provide education on a particular topic of interest. We want to know if our coalition meetings are reaching your standards.
If you have participated in a meeting remotely, how satisfied were you with the experience?
Not at all satisfied
Completely satisfied
How can we make your experience better?
Your answer
Please share any overall feedback for the MSBC.
Your answer
Contact and Materials
Are you currently receiving MSBC emails? (once per month or two)
If not, and you would like to be added to our email list, please provide your email address below.
Your answer
If you like more MSBC materials for your workplace or community, please share your address and what you would like (rack cards, magnets, pens or something else).
Your answer
We appreciate your participation in making the Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition responsive to your needs.
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